Monday, January 17, 2011


Phones4You Funny Ad

Phones4You Advertisements
Some of the funniest advertisements every created have been released by Phones4You campaign. At Phones4You, they are serious about selling phones and they know all to well that the last thing a customer wants from a tele advert is a long list of product information and statistics. I am sure that some of our stodgy old countrymen are disgusted by the sometimes crass and sometimes juvenile humor of the Phones4You adverts, but the numbers don't lie and they are growing their customer base through the use of humor. Some of the humor used in the Phones4You advertisements is very simple and straightforward but has an almost propaganda like message to move us to go to the nearest location and make a purchase that we cann't afford to miss.

The Discounts at Phones4You Sales

The great thing about Phones4You is that no matter how deep the propaganda and psychological marketing tools that they are using, they simply have the best deals on the best phones. If you are looking for a smartphone, there is an almost unbeatable chance the Phones4You will have the specific smartphone that you are looking for at a better price than you can find anywhere else. To start with Phones4You offers extremely good pricing, but they also have great cash back rebates. If you can find a way to pay the price at Phones4You they will work with you to get the manufacturers rebates into your pocket.

Monthly Plans at Phones4You
The other side of purchasing a mobile phone is the monthly service plans. Often mobile phone companies squeeze you from one side or the other, but Phones4You will work to get you the optimal deal for both the cost of the phone and the monthly cost of the service plan. Phones4You offers a line of pay as you go phones so that you can fit it into your budget. They also offer low monthly fee plans as well as plans for unlimited minutes. Phones4You has the calling plan you need on the telephone you need.

One stop telephone store Phones4You

Although Phones4You doesn't have a brick and mortar store they really offer the store that most of the younger generation are used to. They offer an online store that so that a customer can shop at Phones4You twenty four hours a day 24/7 and even on holidays. Phones4You is where ever you have a connection to the internet.